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Welcome to Curve Unit

Curve Unit is a social organization dedicated to the progress, growth, and livelihood of female motorcycle riders. We fully support safe, responsible riding and encourage positive development within the female riding family. Our members strive to improve surrounding communities by way of annual charity events and widespread community service efforts. We welcome new riders---Join CU!

Curve Unit News

April Ride

April Ride to Mount Hamilton

Meet: Starbucks
Address: 1472 First St. in Livermore (by Orchard Supply)
DATE: April 8th
Time: 9:30
KSU: 10:00

It's been some time since we've ridden all the way to the observatory. This is a fairly technical ride so expect a ride that has a bit of everthing from nice straight sections where you can open it up a bit, to some nice sweepers, to some goaty, gravely, wet, single lane roads where everyone will have to keep your senses about you. Stay tuned for more information.

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February's Cup Cakin' - Sadie Hawkin's Ride

February's Riders

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