Desiree / *Chamorita*

Birth Place:



September 16


Guamanian / Filipino


2003 CBR 600 F4i


Administrative Assistant & Personal Service Coordinator II for a Mental Health Program

Relationship Status:

Christopher a.k.a. Cre8one

Other Interests:

I am a very adventurous person and my love of riding doesn’t stop in the off-season. During the winter season instead of riding my bike through some twisties I ride down the slopes on my Roxy snowboard. To conquer the terrain from the mountain top down the mountain side cutting and carving a path on the snow is similar to taking and leaning in and out of turns through the canyons. As a perfect substitute to the power of a sport bike I plan to jump on a snow mobile and break the snowy plains and powder trails. The love will never die and there’s always more to explore.

What made me want to ride?

My infatuation with motorcycles first came about when I was in eighth grade. I had seen my friend’s older brother with his friends riding a Yamaha YSR 50. After seeing them I wanted one of my own so I could learn how to ride but of course being young other priorities held me back not to mention parental authorities as well. Although, my desire to ride never faded as I became more influenced when my older brother Saber got his 1995 Honda CBR 600F3. A few years later it took me to buy my first bike, which was a 2001 Suzuki GSXR 600, to finally convince him that I was destined to ride. After enrolling in the CC Rider Class, Saber gave in and showed me a few things to better prepare me for the course. I will never forget that night. He had me steer and control the clutch and front brake levers as he shifted gears while we shared the rider’s seat. I may have only been half way to my destiny, but it was enough to know that this was definitely something I would love doing. A week later I completed the CC Rider Class and got my license.

Favorite place to ride:

Along the coastal views of Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz so I could enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Favorite music:

Hip Hop, Techno, High Energy, and anything that has good drum beats that I can dance to.

Favorite food:

Potata chips, Taco Bell Nacho Supreme, Salads, Fruits, Sushi & Sea food. / Ice cold water

Life before and after Curve Unit:

Before joining “CURVE UNIT” I mainly rode with Saber and/or with Cre8one along with many other friends. They took me on adventures through Redwood Road and to Alice’s and also along highway 1 to Santa Cruz and back down highway 17. After joining “CURVE UNIT” the adventures in riding are endless as they took me through the “CURVE UNIT LOOP” which is a ride that connects four of the east bay’s best-known twisty roads. They also invited me and allowed me to participate in various events from car and motorcycle shows to organized charity work. I love to ride and “CURVE UNIT” has allowed me to express and experience that at a greater level. I welcome any and every person to come join us and experience the thrills for yourself.

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