Amy / Fanny Fligurl

Birth Place:

Modesto (and NO, it doesn't smell like cow poo)


April 10th, 1978


Luck of the Irish baby!


My sexy white girl - '07 Honda CBR600RR


Executive Assistant to the coolest VP in the world.

Other Interests:

Motorcycles....duuuuuuhh! Dancing, music, wakeboarding, singing, laughing, eating good food, drinking hearty dark beers, love humanity, pride, family, friends, loyalty, strangers (soon to be friends), uncharted territory, adventure, adrenaline, camping, getting my hands dirty, orchids, tulips, tiger lilies, complimenting others, and more laughing.

About me...

Ok, let's get down to business. First and foremost, SPIDERS. Those disgusting, creepy little insects freak me out. Second, racism. If you really want to get on my bad side, why don't you let a racial slur roll off your tongue or perhaps voice your support of some fascist dictator who condones racial genocide. Third, laziness. If you're not going to do a damn thing about your current predicament, then quit your bitching. A few others....I appreciate quality customer service, since it's few and far between these days. I think that little black stick that protrudes from your steering column called your BLINKERS should be used at all times. I open doors for people and try be courteous on the road, riding or driving. I let things bounce off of me, because getting angry only recycles the circle of violence. I'm a good steward because I want my grandchildren to have a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. I'm a total clown, a dork, a shameless silly girl. I'll make fun of myself just as much as I make fun of others, and remember it's all a joke, except for when it's not.

Why I ride:

Because we live in a society that takes every opportunity to leash our spirit, to sell us yet another crappy product, to produce some vice that's harmful to our health but will make others rich.....Riding takes me away from the everyday restraints. I feel like a little kid again, giggling under my helmet and smiling for no reason. Plus, adrenaline and I have become quite intimate with eachother and I dig it!

What made me want to ride?

Truth be told, I think chicks that ride are hot! Every time I'd witness a woman rider pass me, splittin' lanes of course, I'd just imagine it was me on that bike. Turning heads, causing a ruckus, just riding with my girlies. But now......It's a deeper love and enjoyment than I would have ever dreamed of. It's a part of me, it signifies who I strive to be, and did I mention I still think it's hot?

What got me into riding?

The constant hunt for freedom.

Favorite place to ride:

I love it all!

Favorite music:

Soulful Blues, House, Hip-Hop, Rock

Favorite food:

Cotton Candy, Salt-N-Vinegar Kettle Chips, tortillas, Mac-N-Cheese, fruit, limited veggies. I drink a ton of milk, water, and a few dark brews now and then. I enjoy a glass of wine after a long day too.

What's next in my life?

Finishing my degree, becoming a Cop, and acting as a positive role model within my community. After all, we need more law enforcement ON OUR SIDE right?

Life before and after Curve Unit:

Sheesh, I'm still the same person. But I have a group of girls who share the same love for optimism, helping people who are less fortunate, and tons of fun! Plus why ride alone when you can ride with a crew of kick-ass girlies? I rest my case.