Practice braking

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Practice braking

#1 Post by CrashDummy » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:14 am

If you can slow down to bicycle speed before crashing and you're wearing good motorcycle riding gear you'll probably walk away from the crash. You'll definitely be better off than if you crashed at the same speed on a bicycle wearing shorts, tee shirt and a bicycle helmet. Practice slowing down in different speed ranges: 100 to 80, 80 to 60, 60 to 30, etc. You can squeeze in a lot more braking practice if don't wait until it's safe or convenient to come to a complete stop. This month's AAA magazine Via has a statistic that there is a 1,500 percent increase of a driver having a fatal crash at 50 mph vs 25 mph. The more speed you scrub off before a crash the better off you'll be in a car or on a bike. Practice braking, it's fun.
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