Throttle Steering

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Throttle Steering

#1 Post by CrashDummy » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:02 pm

This is from an article in Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN).

You may have noticed racers drifting the rear of their motorcycle while exiting corners as they accelerate hard. Off-road riders know that steering with the rear wheel (spinning the rear tire under acceleration) is a useful technique for directing the bike through turns. Controlled wheel-spin accompanied with moderate lean angle causes the rear of the motorcycle to drift to the outside of the turn, pivoting around the front tire contact patch and pointing the bike to the corner exit. But be warned---serious skill is involved in mastering this technique.

As a street rider, drifting the rear tire is too risky and should be avoided. However, there are times when your rear wheel may unexpectedly step out because of too heavy acceleration or from sketchy traction, so it's good to know how to handle it. The technique to handle rear wheel spin is to stop accelerating---but resist chopping the throttle. Avoid rear tire slides by keeping throttle delivery smooth. It may be helpful to treat an accelerating throttle as a ratchet---click, click, click. If the rear spins, stop clicking. The rear will often hook up as long as you don't do anything abruptly.

Next time you're out for a ride, practice rolling on the throttle as smoothly as you can. Notice how mastering the throttle minimizes load shifts and how driving force stabilizes your motorcycle. Aim to roll on the throttle throughout turns without decelerating. Consciously accelerate so the engine pulls you all the way through to the corner exit. Reduce entry speed more than you normally do if this seems too challenging. Make steady, controlled acceleration and deceleration a habit and you will be rewarded with more cornering control and confidence.
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