Potential Curve Unit Member?

Please tell us a little about yourself and what brought you here. We'd love to hear it!

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Potential Curve Unit Member?

#1 Post by Fanny Fligurl » Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:05 pm

Welcome Ladies! :ride

“Curve Unit is a social organization dedicated to the progress, growth, and livelihood of female motorcycle riders. We fully support safe, responsible riding and encourage positive development within the female riding family. Our members strive to improve surrounding communities by way of annual charity events and widespread community service efforts.”

Membership Guidelines:

Curve Unit welcomes any rider who shares the same passion for our female riding community. General participation on the Curve Unit forum is free, and open to both men and women. However, full-fledged membership is only granted to the ladies....sorry gentlemen. :lol:

To become a Curve Unit Member, you should actively participate in our meetings once a month, be present on our forum, and share the same excitement for riding. We understand that every woman rides for her own reasons, and we fully encourage all levels of participation. In addition, our All-Girl Rides should be a priority to you, as they are very important to standing members. We have a blast together, and try to ride as much as possible in order to truly promote the spirit of our organization.

For those ladies who show exceptional interest in becoming a Curve Unit Member, we shall discuss the possibility of initiation as soon as you voice your commitment to the family, and submit the initial investment. As long as you attend rides, actively post on the boards, and put forth the effort towards the greater good of Curve Unit, we see no quarrel in welcoming you 100% into the family with open arms!

From that point forward, you're one of us and that is something to be proud of. However, it is not to be taken lightly. Displaying the Curve Unit patch, windscreen, and other gear is a privilege. Those icons represent the family atmosphere we constantly try to sustain, and the true loyalty we share for one another. Curve Unit strives to be charitable in our community and to also support other motorcycle clubs in their endeavors. We are easy going and light-hearted as a whole, but the dedication within Curve Unit is never to be taken advantage of.

Ok, now here comes the glamorous section (LOL!)

Potential Member expectations:

*Own a motorcycle.....duuuhhh! :roll:
*Possess a motorcycle license.
*Attend all monthly meetings, rides, and events
*Participate on the boards frequently (visibility is extremely important)
*Last but certainly not least, have a sense of humor! You're going to need it in this dynamic family!

Once initiated:

*Members must attach our Curve Unit sprocket patch to the back of her riding jacket or vest. CU Gear must be worn at all rides and events, even if we are not hosting it.
*Members must conduct themselves in a way that positively represents the group. Whether it be online, on the street, or on the track, we are avid believers in remaining positive.
*Members must maintain forum presence. After all, your voice is important to the riding community so let it be heard.


Curve Unit encourages its members and affiliates to exude respectable behavior at all times. However, we will not be held responsible/liable for actions of our members or affiliates that result in personal property damage or bodily harm. Motorcycling is inherently a dangerous sport, and all members ride at their own risk.

Curve Unit reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if the group feels that a member is promoting unsafe or irresponsible behavior.

We look forward to meeting you, and if you have any further questions, please contact our President Kelly at SpecialK@curveunit.com.

Keep that rubber side down, and we'll see you soon!
Humanity is a terrible thing to waste. Be patient, treat others with respect, and ride like you borrowed it indefinitely!