My resume of crashes.

For the purpose of teaching others how to avoid them.

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My resume of crashes.

#1 Post by NinjaTurtle » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:21 pm

1. Rainy day on an 02 Harley road king. In Stockton on Roosevelt St where there are rail road tracks down the middle of the road. I made it across the tracks but my rear tire sunk back onto the track. The rear wheel started spinning faster than I was going then decided to shoot out to the side. End result was a 30 mph high side that sent me sliding 80 ft down the road. I was completely sore the next day but no broken bones.

2. I was riding my 99 r1 at night out on a country road. I made a right turn a little wide since my friend was to my right. I didn't see the huge patch of loose gravel and lost tradition in both tires causing a low speed low side. I jumped up right at the end of the slide like it was planned, got back on and kept going. I just ended up with a bruise on my leg from my cell Phone in my pocket.

3. On the 02 road king and there was an old man in a truck getting ready to leave a driveway. The only legal way for him to turn way right. I saw him looking right at me and at the last minute pulled out. Me thinking the only way for him to go was right thought no biggie I'll go around him on the left. I started slowing down and then the guy decided to go straight over the median. I was still doing around 30 but was able to slow down to about 5 before I hit him right on the drivers door. The back end of my bike slid around and slapped his truck too but I didn't come off the bike.

4. Last but not least on the road king again I was getting on hwy 99 north at Lathrop in a lean when I saw a wet patch across the entire lane. I was already committed so I continued thinking it was only water. After the rear end came around on me and I was riding the motorcycle on the side of the crash bars doing a 360 at 35 mph I decided It was not water. I was still on the bike the entire time and just got a little rash on my elbow. It turned out that someone had dumped a few gallons of diesel on the road a little before I got there.

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Re: My resume of crashes.

#2 Post by LadyRider600rr » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:31 pm

He should also mention he has ridden over 200,000 miles in 7 years so 4 motorcycle accidents aren't bad if you ask me :) but they need to stop nevertheless
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Re: My resume of crashes.

#3 Post by sexy_raiderette » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:05 pm

Wow that is a lot of miles :-) and luckily nothin too severe. Bikes never win against water or gravel
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