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Curve Unit is a social organization dedicated to the progress, growth, and livelihood of female motorcycle riders. We fully support safe, responsible riding and encourage positive development within the female riding family. Our members strive to improve surrounding communities by way of annual charity events and widespread community service efforts.

We host a Curve Unit Group Ride once a month, lead by one of our own lovely ladies. Anyone on two wheels is encouraged to join us, regardless of skill level. We do rides all over the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a newbie friendly group so ride at your own pace.

We promote safe and responsible riding, and we can not be held liable for your actions during one of our rides. To ride with Curve Unit, you must have a valid motorcycle license, current registration, and legitamate insurance coverage.

We hold brief pre-ride meetings to vocalize the route and familiarize everyone with signals and group riding "tips".

CU looks forward to meeting many new faces this year, and please feel free to PM any one of our riders with questions prior to each ride.

Now let's twist it up, lean it over, and let it loose!