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Ducatihottie a.k.a Lucy

I am an East Coast girl, through and through. I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, the youngest daughter of a small Jewish family. My childhood loves included the following: horses, horses and horses. I rode every chance I could, after school, summers, vacations, and eventually became involved in 3 phase eventing (dressage, stadium, and cross-country jumping). I was infatuated with the feeling of harnessing all this power and beauty.

As I grew up, I developed an interest in learning more about the brain and issues related to the mentally ill, so during my undergraduate years I studied Psychology at Cornell University. I absolutely adore children, and I knew that my graduate program would focus on their special needs. After graduating last May, I applied to School Psychology graduate programs, packed my bags, and moved to the Bay!

I didn't fully develop my love of motorcycles until a few years ago. I have my x to thank for that! (Big Ups, Kay). When I started to talk about getting my own bike, most people discouraged me. "Its dangerous, I'd be too worried about you, you look better on the back of my bike anyways!" But I had this burn. It turned from an idea into this obsession that I can't fully explain, even to this day.

The minute I moved to California, I enrolled in the CC Rider safety course. To be honest, I did horribly at that class. I think I dumped their bike about 3 times, cut my leg open, and almost failed the entire thing! But I passed, and got my license. A friend of mine gave me lessons on his bike (Big Ups to Damon!) and I eventually bought my first baby in early May. During the first two months with her, I put 3,500 miles on!

She is a 2001 R6; well, you can see from the pictures how we roll. She is quite possibly my first REAL love.

Soon after purchasing my bike, I felt like I needed to start building a place for myself in the bay area riding community. I joined Bay Area Riders Forum (Big Ups), and met a slew of amazing people. I advertised a bit, and found a bunch of ladies who had interest in developing a similar concept: a group promoting female sportbike riders. The women of Curve Unit are caring, unique, intelligent, diverse, talented, beautiful, strong, and independent, and I am honored to be a part of the group.

I could not have done this alone, though. Thank you to all the ladies for their endless hours of meetings, emails, discussions, and arguments. Thank you to Dion for his time and dedication to providing Curve Unit with an amazing logo. Thank you Geo and Frank for working with me endlessly, and putting up with my pickiness, in developing this website. Thank you Ken, for taking our photos and offering your time. Thank you Bay Area Riders Forum, and Steveco, for your suggestions and support. Thank you to my big sister Nancy, and my parents, for not threatening to disown me from the family if I went through with buying a bike! To all my friends scattered around the country, I love you all! I'm not very religious, but thank you God for watching over me and all my fellow riders, living and fallen, and for bringing us to this day to be able to see the fruits of our labors over the past months.


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